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3 Ways to Develop Persistence

Ways to develop persistence

The top 3 ways that have helped me to develop persistence are discussed below:

1. Have the End in Mind:

Here I mean that have the desired goal in mind. And more than the desired goal, connect to the big why underlying it. For example, how would that change other areas of your life and what you will be doing, once you would have achieved it?

2. Get Emotionally Involved with the Goal:

Being emotionally involved with the goal means to walk, talk, feel, and Act as if you are already there. There will be moments or days when you will face setbacks or not the desired result. When you are emotionally involved with the Goal, these setbacks would not make an impact and your perspective will change towards them. You will see these setbacks as feedback and corrections you would need to do to reach your desired result.

3. Outline the Course Correction and Definite Action Step:

Sit back and think about the possible ways you can correct the course and make a definite plan to act on it.

4. Be in the company of Successful People:

Make a point to be in the company of people who have already reached your destination. If not possible in person then via, their videos, podcasts, live streams. This definitely makes a positive impact while you are facing setbacks.

5. Have Work Discipline:

Have a set system of work. Introducing discipline in your work and to develop a habit of working at the same timings will not let you get off track or procrastinate. It's very important for entrepreneurs to have good habits and routines so they can successfully achieve their goals.

At the end I will leave you with a famous quote on persistence:

No great achievement is possible without persistent work.

-Bertrand Russel

Ways to Develop Persistence



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